Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

Functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is a systematic method of measuring an individual's ability to perform meaningful tasks on a safe and dependable basis. FCE includes all impairments, not just those that result in physical functional limitations. In general, the purpose of FCE is to collect information about the functional limitations of a person with medical impairment. These tests can be ordered by physicians, attorneys and/or insurance adjusters/case managers.

What to Expect During the Testing
The FCE can take from four to six hours, so please prepare for that amount of time. We will be evaluating your ability in such areas such as lifting, pushing, pulling, sitting and standing, to name a few. Testing will be conducted by a licensed physical therapist and safe procedures will be used. The therapist will answer any specific questions you may have about the testing and results will be given to your doctor and adjuster/case manager.

In preparation for assessment:
  • Please wear tennis shoes and socks, or work boots if you wear them at work
  • Wear comfortable t-shirt/shorts/pants
  • Bring water (although we do have a water fountain)
  • Eat before your appointment
  • If you do take medication, please make a list of them and bring it
  • If you have any doctor's reports, MRIs, physical therapy notes, X-Ray reports or your job description, please bring those
  • Take any necessary medications before your appointment, or bring them if you need to take them during the assessment
Also, please be aware that there are no friends or family members allowed during the testing.